Essex Way Stuff

Here are my gpx files for each section for download to import into phones, gps unite etc

There are two versions, a Route with lots of blobby markers and a Track without, use whichever you prefer

(if it opens in a window on your browser, ignore the gobbledegook, and save using the file name and .gpx extension without editing anything.)

exw1.gpx     exwtk1.gpx

exw2.gpx     exwtk2.gpx

exw3.gpx     exwtk3.gpx

exw4.gpx     exwtk4.gpx

exw5.gpx     exwtk5.gpx

exw6.gpx     exwtk6.gpx

exw7.gpx     exwtk7.gpx

exw8.gpx     exwtk8.gpx

exw9.gpx     exwtk9.gpx

exw10.gpx   exwtk10.gpx

or all in one file

exwall.gpx   exwtkall.gpx


Some of the instructions and maps on the website are not up-to-date

here are those updated by the Nomads but not yet on the Official site:-

Complete route in 10 stages (pdf) including the Nomad updates

Stage 8 Dedham to Bradfield (pdf) - Maps a b c

Stage 9 Bradfield to Ramsey (pdf) - Maps a b c


If you want to do an armchair recce I recommend using the above with Wheres The Path

Here are my instructions:

Tutorial for Where's The Path

and here is the website:



Monday 27th August 2007 we walked the last two stages of the Essex Way from Bradfield to Harwich.

Here are some of the group relaxing on the Nomad's Bench.